About US

People around the globe know Pastor. Shino Kurian Kadavil as a noted Apostolic Ministry. His TV programs, is seen daily in 100 countries. But there is much more in the story of the man and his ministry is now impacting the world with the life saving and miracle-working message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Shino Kurian was born on March 23, 1973, in the city of Kottayam (Kerala) India. In December 1997 Shino Kurian’s life took an entirely new meaning when he surrendered his heart and life to Jesus Christ (In Book of Acts Apostle Paul narrates his testimony three times).

I did not know God, in my boyhood days, neither did I visit church. In those days. My mother used to weep over it very frequently (but she was not a believer, after I gave my heart to Jesus Christ after 4 years I prayed for my mother for her salvation at last in my vacation on July 2005 she accepted Jesus in her heart.) When I was in school, college I was addicted to movies. I even dreamt of entering the film field and modeling field. I learned Martial Arts and spent much of my time in gymnasium. I started to be hero in my town, but at the same time I had problems, because of my friends. They started to fight with people under my name. I realized that if stayed there they will kill me, because they planed to me kill. My young brother wrote to my father.